Everyone was stunned: Jennifer Lopez came to a parent meeting at school in a spectacular look -


Everyone was stunned: Jennifer Lopez came to a parent meeting at school in a spectacular look

Every appearance of Jennifer Lopez is happiness for fans. And we’re not just talking about going on stage or the red carpet. The singer looks chic even when solving everyday issues in casual outfits. Now JLo is devoting herself to choosing a new school for her children, because her relationship with Ben Affleck is rapidly developing. The singer went to inspect a potential school for her son in a spectacular outfit . Fans, of course, have already seen what Jennifer Lopez looks like in jeans. But the new appearance of the pop diva in this image became another flash.

Jennifer Lopez went to school in jeans

Many women dream about Jennifer Lopez’s figure. Without a doubt, these hourglass shapes also attract men. And if all mothers at parent-teacher meetings looked like J. Lo, then fathers would become more diligent in monitoring their children’s progress and attend meetings more often.

The singer is now actively searching for schools in Santa Monica for children. After all, she is planning to move from Miami to California. To attend school, Jennifer Lopez chose a casual look – a casual, comfortable outfit. True, the singer’s clothes began to sparkle with completely different colors. Skinny jeans and a black tight turtleneck successfully emphasized Jennifer’s figure .

The accessories also did the trick : a black crocodile Birkin bag, a matching Chanel belt and sunglasses. The finishing touch is blue suede pumps. The result was a discreet, but at the same time quite bright image. Undoubtedly, all eyes were focused on the singer. It’s amazing how Jennifer Lopez , even in jeans, even in a chic dress, even in a stage costume, manages to look stunning.

JLo’s look with jeans was appreciated online

Fans actively comment on the appearance of the pop diva in public. Many admire the figure of the artist. “Envy in silence! To have such forms at 52! Moreover, provided that she is very prone to being overweight. Work and work again on yourself, on your body. There’s a gym there five times a week. But we are lazy and love to eat well,” “Beauty! She’s great, she takes care of her body and appearance, and looks gorgeous. Respect ,” write admiring fans.

True, as usual, it was not without criticism . “Disgusting jeans. And they don’t do anything with their legs, if they are naturally crooked,” “Why do you idealize her figure? Latin American, no legs, low butt. Don’t confuse the youth. Let them seek their own beauty.“

Whose side are you on? Do you like Jennifer Lopez’s look in jeans?

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