Man gives tour of 450-sq-foot cabin that looks simple on the outside but is ‘magical’ inside -


Man gives tour of 450-sq-foot cabin that looks simple on the outside but is ‘magical’ inside

Tucked away in Ohio’s scenic Hocking Hills, where the surrounding natural beauty subtly accentuates any home, is an assortment of the cutest tiny homes and vacation rentals.

It’s a region where the effort to enhance the exterior appears almost needless, given the beautiful vistas that surround each property.
The GloCabin stands out from the others not only because of its appearance but also because of the surprise inside.

Its dark Alderwood French doors and matte black exterior may appear a little too gloomy from the outside to some.

Yet, this simple yet elegant color scheme allows it to stand out, making a statement against the lush backdrop of nature.

Enter the GloCabin, and it completely changes. The lodge appears to shed its gloomy façade and reveal a light-filled, inviting interior.

Inspired by California Casual, the design skillfully combines neutral hues and wood accents to create a cozy and peaceful environment.

The common rooms are intelligently laid up to facilitate conversation and simple movement.Although the living area appears small, it feels spacious because it is next to the kitchen and breakfast counter.The ideal balance of comfort and functionality is achieved by the ample space for lounging and watching television or just taking in the outside scenery.
For those who love to cook, the GloCabin’s kitchen is a delight.It has every appliance you might possibly need, and the central island has a stunning but useful surface.Adding to the cabin’s attractiveness, this area serves as a bar where meals can be eaten in addition to being used for meal prep.
Another highlight is the bedroom, which is reachable from both sides of the cabin.It’s intended for comfort, with enough space to move around the bed and extra closet and storage space.Moreover, doors on either side open to separate decks, providing a smooth transition to the outside. Imagine having dinner outside while admiring the breathtaking scenery!

The bathroom keeps the cabin feeling airy and light.

The idea that this is a tiny dwelling is challenged by the large shower.

Reclaimed and reused from an antique potter’s table, the vanity table provides a special touch by fusing history and usefulness.

The surprises, however, don’t stop there. The bathroom has a second door that opens to a deck with a Japanese Cedar Spa tub on it.Offering comfort in the middle of the wilderness, it’s the ideal place to unwind after a day of hiking. This little house demonstrates that elegance is not limited by size.

The GloCabin is positioned to maximize outdoor space with intelligent design. For individuals who enjoy being outside, this location is perfect, including decks with breathtaking views and close access to hiking trails.

The GloCabin provides the ideal fusion of comfort and nature, whether you’re enjoying an afternoon of leisure or a morning jog.

Watch the video below to see Levi Kelly give you a tour of the GloCabin!

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