Woman Shares The Tragic Reason She Holds The World Record For Longest Nails -


Woman Shares The Tragic Reason She Holds The World Record For Longest Nails

There are people who are known for many different things and at times, they may even be known for something to the point where they set a record. That is the case with Diana Armstrong, a woman from Minnesota who has broken a rather interesting record.

Diana is known for her long fingernails, and she hasn’t cut them since 1997. As you can imagine, they have grown quite long and she still continues to paint them and keep them as beautiful as she can.

Recently, the official Guinness World Record Instagram account posted information about Diana and her accomplishments. It said: “The combined length of Diana’s fingernails is longer than a standard yellow school bus! Diana has been growing her fingernails for over 25 years!”

Many people who follow them on social media had questions, including whether she works and how she uses the toilet. There were others who were also interested in practical information, such as how she gets in the car.

Diane admits that she uses a lot of toilet paper but she doesn’t wrap it around her hand. She said that she does it similarly to everyone else but she has to keep her nails in mind.

There were other people who were critical of her decision to grow her nails that long. What they didn’t realize was there was a tragic story behind her decision.

One day she was trying to get her children up so she could go to the supermarket. While she was away, her youngest daughter called her and told her that her 16-year-old daughter wouldn’t wake up. Unfortunately, that girl had died in her sleep because of an asthma attack.

Diana called it the worst day of her life. In addition, her daughter would manicure her long fingernails every weekend, and she was the only one who ever did them.

Growing her fingernails was a way of honoring her daughter and preserving that memory. She suffered from depression for a decade as a result of the loss.

You can learn more about her in this video:


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