Kittens Found Crawling on Gravel Road, Now Getting Plenty of Hugs and a Chance to Run and Jump -


Kittens Found Crawling on Gravel Road, Now Getting Plenty of Hugs and a Chance to Run and Jump

Two kittens who were found crawling on a gravel road, are now getting plenty of hugs and a chance to run and jump.

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Salem Friends of Felines

A few months ago, two tiny kittens were found abandoned on a hot gravel road by a kind-hearted neighbor who couldn’t stand the thought of leaving them in traffic.

“The babies were brought to Salem Friends of Felines (SFOF) for evaluation, and upon arrival the staff noted that both kittens had what appeared to be severe congenital deformities,” SFOF shared with Love Meow.

Laura Burmood, an experienced foster carer of the rescue, took them in and provided round-the-clock care. “They thrived in her home until they were big enough to be weaned.”

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Jack and Jill were found crawling on a gravel roadSalem Friends of Felines

The kittens, Jack and Jill, were seen by multiple veterinarians for physical therapy, massage, and leg splinting, but none of those methods were successful.

“It became obvious that Jack and Jill required expert care,” SFOF added.

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They were born with deformities in their legsSalem Friends of Felines

They decided to take the pair to the Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine for orthopedic consults, where the kittens were finally able to be properly diagnosed.

Jill was born with a severely rotated and displaced left kneecap, which caused the bones to grow incorrectly, and the entire leg to be rotated completely behind her since birth.

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Jack and JillSalem Friends of Felines

“It affected her balance and she tried to compensate with her tail. In a fairly short time, she developed prominent curve in her spine, her hips sunk and she was more dragging her back than walking,” Gordana Nichols, a SFOF foster volunteer, shared.

Jill was always in good spirits and a cuddle-bug from the start.

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JillSalem Friends of Felines

“Jack’s condition is called hemimelia. The radius bone in his left ‘arm’ is missing, and his other arm bone, ulna, is curved. This caused his ‘wrist’ to turn inwards. He is unable to use his left paw for walking, but rather uses his ‘wrist’ to walk on.”

Despite having twisted front legs, Jack doesn’t let anything stop him from having fun.

special needs kitten

JackSalem Friends of Felines

At just under three pounds, and about 3.5 months old, Jill underwent surgery in an attempt to dramatically improve her quality of life.

“This was a hail-Mary operation to save this sweet little kitten’s leg. She came through the anesthesia as we had so desperately wished for,” SFOF shared.

Jill adores people and loves to playSalem Friends of Felines

Shortly after, Jill was already showing great improvements, and even started walking on the leg for brief sessions of physical therapy. Each day, she continued to make strides and surprise her people with what she could do.

“Only a few weeks after the surgery, Jill is using her leg! This is amazing progress, considering the severity of her condition and a very hard surgery. She truly is a little fighter,” Gordana said.

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Jill, before and after surgerySalem Friends of Felines

While Jill is recovering, Jack is preparing for his life-changing surgery and has befriended the resident cats at his foster home. “He loves playing with his (feline friends) and has really bloomed into such a happy little kitty,” Bruna Veselko, a SFOF foster volunteer, shared.

Jack doesn’t hesitate to demand attention and cuddles from his people.

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JackSalem Friends of Felines

“Jill is fierce and incredibly brave, Jack gentle and a true little gentleman who always seems to be protecting his sister,” SFOF shared.

“Even with their mobility challenges, Jack and Jill were always two of the sweetest babies in the nursery. Their determination knows no bounds.”

Jill now can hop around and play with his favorite toySalem Friends of Felines

“It is amazing to see how full of life they are and how courageously they try to overcome the limitations posed on them by their deformities. They really deserve a chance to have the best and most comfortable life possible.”

Salem Friends of Felines

Share this story with your friends. If you would like to help Jack and Jill, visit SFOF’s website or Facebook page to see more.

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