Cat Given a Comfy Home Just in Time So Her Kittens Won't Have to Be Born Outside -


Cat Given a Comfy Home Just in Time So Her Kittens Won’t Have to Be Born Outside

A cat was given a comfy home just in time so her kittens wouldn’t have to be born outside.

cat mom kittens

Wren the cat mom and her kittensSalty Animal Rescue

Last month, Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, cofounders of Salty Animal Rescue, were contacted about a cat who needed a nursery for her soon-to-be born kittens.

“She was found as a stray by Hamilton Animal Services. She wasn’t in the best shape with an abscess under her chin and some deep scratches. They gave her some antibiotics and she was looking much better,” Karly shared with Love Meow.

They took her in with open arms, and the expectant cat mom, named Wren, immediately felt at home. She was so comfortable with people and would flop on her side to let them rub her baby-filled belly.

stray cat rescue

She was found as a pregnant stray and in need of a foster homeSalty Animal Rescue

After having to fend for herself on the streets, Wren could finally relax in a comfy nest made just for her, and catch up on some sleep. “She was pretty plump and I thought we could expect her little babies any day now.”

Just as they predicted, Mama Wren went into labor a few days after settling into her new abode. She brought five tiny tots into this world and was relieved to get some assistance during the arduous process.

cat newborn kittens

She gave birth to five healthy kittens in the comfort of a loving homeSalty Animal Rescue

While the newborns (Duck, Swift, Fisher, Sparrow and Koel) nursed away in unison on her belly, Wren slow-blinked at her foster mom and stretched her toes on the blanket in contentment.

“We are so happy she will never have to go through another birth again. If she was not found and taken in, it would have been likely that not all of her babies would have survived. She was brought in just in time, so we were able to provide her with a warm, safe place to give birth.”

nursing cat kittens

Salty Animal Rescue

Koel is the runt of the litter but packed with the most cattitude of the bunch. At just a few days old, he would hiss with full ferocity while cuddling with his siblings in a pile, as if he was the protector of the litter.

“Newborn kittens can’t see or hear, so when they smell something unfamiliar this is their reaction,” Karly shared.

hissy newborn kitten

Koel is tiny but oh so mightySalty Animal Rescue

Wren is a wonderful mother to her demanding five, but she would very much prefer being the center of attention if she didn’t have mommy duties.

“For the first couple of weeks, she would never take a break other than a quick drink or bathroom break. Now that they’re a little more active she’s giving herself a bit more space.”

cat mom kittens

Salty Animal Rescue

“Her wounds are healed and besides a few scars, she’s good as new. All five kittens have their eyes open and are trying their best to crawl around.”

cute black kitten

Salty Animal Rescue

The kittens are on the move, trying to venture out of the nest, waddling with their little feet. “They’re finally reaching the age where they begin to play with each other.”

cute tabby kitten

Salty Animal Rescue

Mama Wren is so content to get some me-time with her people while her kittens cavort with one another, honing their feline skills.

“She loves her little ones but loves people even more. She’s always sitting on me purring away when I’m helping with the babes.”

tabby kittens

The kittens are growing bigger and more playful each daySalty Animal Rescue

“Wren is the sweetest girl and best mom ever. We can’t wait until her babies are ready to leave the nest, and she can finally find the forever home she deserves.”

beautiful black cat

Wren is so happy to be an indoor cat againSalty Animal Rescue

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