How Jimmy Carter Is Doing after 1 Year in Hospice: Wife’s Death Could Impact Him, Doctor Says -


How Jimmy Carter Is Doing after 1 Year in Hospice: Wife’s Death Could Impact Him, Doctor Says

Former US President Jimmy Carter has spent a year in hospice care, choosing this path in 2023 after a cancer diagnosis in 2015. In February 2023, the Carter Center announced his decision to spend his remaining time at home with family, emphasizing privacy.

Months later, Jimmy’s wife, Rosalynn Carter, passed away in 2023. Their grandson, Jason Carter, shared how the couple, despite health challenges, remained united and in love. Rosalynn’s last public appearance with Jimmy was at the Plains Peanut Festival shortly before her death.

Jimmy Carter sits in the stands in the fourth inning between the Atlanta Braves and the Detroit Tigers at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 2, 2016. | Source: Getty Images

Jimmy’s decision to enter hospice was driven by his desire to be with Rosalynn. His wish to retire truly was sparked by the need to spend precious time with her. Devastated by Rosalynn’s death, Jimmy mourned her as an “equal partner” and attended her funeral service covered in a blanket displaying her face.

A year after entering hospice, Jimmy, now 99, remains at home with family. Despite facing physical challenges, he receives support and love. Dr. Jayne Morgan notes that the loss of a spouse can affect the heart, and Jimmy’s former aide expresses empathy for his grief. The family, appreciating cherished memories, continues to stand by Jimmy as he navigates this chapter.

Jimmy Carter departs after the funeral service for Rosalynn Carter at Maranatha Baptist Church, in Plains, Georgia, on November 29, 2023. | Source: Getty Images

Jimmy Carter’s legacy, shaped by his private sector tenure and efforts at the Carter Center, centers on advocating for marginalized communities. While coping with loss, Jimmy’s belief in transforming lives and his enduring spirit, supported by family love, remains strong in hospice.

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