A month after the Tom Cruise rumors, Katie Holmes has confirmed the truth about their daughter in a rare interview. -


A month after the Tom Cruise rumors, Katie Holmes has confirmed the truth about their daughter in a rare interview.

In an uncommon interview, Katie Holmes revealed that she wants to “protect” the daughter she had with Tom Cruise.

After six years of marriage, Holmes and Cruise, the star of Mission Impossible, called it quits in 2012. Their split was widely publicized.

Holmes kept custody of the couple’s daughter, Suri, following their divorce, the circumstances of which were the subject of widespread rumors. Holmes has been open about the fact that not much has been seen of the now sixteen-year-old throughout the years/

At the age of 19, Holmes rose to fame when she was cast in the teen drama Dawson’s Creek.

“I remember really wanting to grow as an actor and not just do things to capitalize on the moment when we were doing Dawson’s Creek and it was successful,” Holmes said in an interview with Glamour Magazine. “I desired to pick up knowledge from others.”

However, the Batman Begins actress reached new heights after she started dating Tom Cruise, a Hollywood A-lister. Following the couple’s daughter Suri’s birth, media interest in their family reached a fever pitch.

As a result of the intense scrutiny, fresh paparazzi photos of Tom and Kate’s little daughter began to appear practically every day. In reaction, Katie decided to stay away from the spotlight in an effort to preserve the integrity of her little daughter. This led to a career hiatus that ended in 2011.

As previously mentioned, five years after being married in an Italian wedding, Tom and Katie parted ways in 2012.

It might not be all that surprising that the rumors went crazy since they were among the most well-known couples on the planet. There was much conjecture on the reason behind their breakup, with Holmes being regarded as being suspicious of the Church of Scientology.

In fact, Katie filed for Tom’s divorce in New York. This was allegedly done to increase her chances of receiving full custody of Suri—the law is against awarding shared custody to parents who are at odds with one another.

Holmes was able to make sure Suri was kept away from Scientology once she was granted sole custody of the youngster. Tom was not able to control the narrative, as he was accused of doing during his break with Nicole Kidman, because it was claimed that he did not see the divorce coming.

Either way, Holmes still feels the same intense need to keep her child safe.

Prior to the premiere of Rare Objects, her latest movie, the 44-year-old stated:

“I really prefer to protect my kid, which has been incredibly essential to me because she was so visible at a young age. I’m so appreciative to be her mom. She is a truly amazing person.

It was just revealed last month that Tom Cruise and his daughter had almost no interaction. The 60-year-old Top Gun actor reportedly hasn’t seen Suri in years and is no longer involved in her life, according to Page Six.

Do you like Katie Holmes or Tom Cruise? Do you believe that Katie is doing the right thing by keeping Suri private from the media?

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