Oprah Winfrey, 70, Hospitalized – Fans Pray For Her -


Oprah Winfrey, 70, Hospitalized – Fans Pray For Her

Oprah Winfrey, the well-known media mogul, recently faced a health scare at the age of 70. Fans were deeply concerned and prayed for her recovery when it was announced that she had been hospitalized.

The news broke through her spokesperson on Instagram, where it was mentioned that Oprah was supposed to appear on CBS Mornings to announce her newest book club pick. Unfortunately, she fell ill over the weekend due to a stomach virus, and her close friend Gayle King had to step in to explain her absence.

In a statement to CNN, Oprah’s representative shared that she had become dehydrated from the stomach virus and needed an IV to recover. Fortunately, they assured everyone that she was feeling better and resting at home.

In a video call posted on Gayle King’s Instagram page, Oprah explained to her friend that she had trouble keeping down enough water to stay hydrated, which led her to seek medical help.

Gayle King, while addressing viewers, reassured everyone that Oprah would be okay and hoped that Oprah wouldn’t mind her sharing these personal details.

Earlier in the year, Oprah and Gayle gave a joint interview to the New York Times, highlighting their strong friendship and mutual admiration. Gayle praised Oprah for her honesty and straightforwardness, traits that have cemented their bond over the years.

In January, Oprah had showcased her physical vitality despite her age by posting a video on Instagram. The video featured her running on the beach with her dog and another woman, demonstrating her commitment to staying active. Oprah emphasized the importance of health, especially as she turned 70, and expressed gratitude for the birthday wishes she received.

Many fans were impressed by Oprah’s energy and commented on her video, praising her physical strength. Oprah also wrote an article reflecting on her milestone birthday, which was published on Oprah Daily.

In the article, she expressed how blessed she felt to reach the age of 70, considering it a gift and an act of grace. She decided to celebrate her birthday in a simple and laid-back manner, taking the advice of a friend who suggested savoring the blessings of her life without stress.

Oprah’s article further elaborated on her approach to aging. She spoke about starting each day with joy and appreciating the gift of life. She acknowledged the passing of time and embraced the wisdom that comes with age, emphasizing that aging allows for more freedom to do what one loves.

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