Jane Fonda Kept In Our Thoughts And Prayers -


Jane Fonda Kept In Our Thoughts And Prayers

The famous actress Jane Fonda has recently had health problems and has shared this with her followers. She has been diagnosed with cancer and has been fighting to defeat this disease for a long time.

The 83-year-old actress has a healthy physique and a good lifestyle. This has helped her fight for a long time. But now things are getting complicated for him too.

However, she says that she is lucky to be able to fight with all her strength. She shared the news on social media. Fonda has posted a photo of herself, where she is seen dressed very classily. Moreover, she announces that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is trying to do her best to beat it.

Jane Fonda has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Lately, she is regularly following chemotherapy. The fact that this cancer is curable makes him feel good. She says she is lucky and this cancer is 80% curable.

Jane Fonda

She also has the opportunity to receive good health treatments from the best doctors. In recent years, cancer has spread a lot and many factors cause this. In the USA, cancer is one of the most common diseases.

The technology to fight cancer has developed a lot. The disappearance of cancer with which Fonda was diagnosed is more likely. Cancer is caused by environmental pollution, fuel, uncontrolled food, etc. Therefore, Fonda states that the cancer she suffers from is caused by the burning of fossils and pollution.

She now gives more importance to the time with her family and tries to be happy. Cancer taught her many things. It may also be a more difficult adjustment for her because she is older. But she felt she was giving a message to everyone who was inspired by her. Fonda urges her friends and admirers to be strong and not give up on anything.

We wish the famous actress a speedy recovery.

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