It’s No Big Secret Why We Don’t See Liv Tyler Anymore -


It’s No Big Secret Why We Don’t See Liv Tyler Anymore

Sometimes, famous people decide they want a change from being in the spotlight.

They might have built big companies or become well-known worldwide. It doesn’t matter if they’re taking a break from acting or retiring for good. Now, they’re doing regular jobs like the rest of us.

Angelina Pavik used to be on “Jersey Shore,” a TV show about New Jersey culture. Now, she works as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for the Staten Island fire department. She helps people in her community.

Kevin Jonas was part of the famous Jonas Brothers band. Now, he runs a social media marketing business and lives a settled life.

Alie McGraw was a famous actress. She now focuses on animal rights and activism, trying to help animals in need.

Dylan Sprous used to act in a Disney Channel show. Now, he owns a brewery in Brooklyn and makes a special drink called Mead.

Jamie Walters was known for his role on “Beverly Hills 90210.” Now, he works as an EMT and firefighter, helping people in emergencies.

Liv Tyler was an actress but now works as a UNICEF Ambassador and spokesperson for a makeup and perfume company.

Jimmy Walker starred in “Good Times” and now works as a radio host and stand-up comedian.

Vanilla Ice was famous for his song “Ice Ice Baby.” Now, he’s a professional jet ski racer.

Nikki Blansky starred in “Hairspray” and now works as a cosmetologist.

Danielle Fishell from “Boy Meets World” now works in health products, focusing on vegan hair products.

Jonathan Bennett from “Mean Girls” now works as a spin instructor, helping people stay fit.

Danielle Spencer from “What’s Happening” became a veterinarian after the show ended.

These famous people may have left the spotlight, but they’re still doing interesting things and making a difference in their own way.

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