I Went on a Date with My Brother’s Friend – Turned out It Was a Trap -


I Went on a Date with My Brother’s Friend – Turned out It Was a Trap

I went on a disastrous date with Stewart, my brother’s friend, thanks to his latest setup, and we ended myself stuck at a fancy restaurant with an unpaid bill. I became aware of how far Adam had gone as things became more tense and the boss threatened to call the police, leaving me to wonder how we were going to get out.

Adam said to Jess, “You gotta meet this guy,” beaming as if he had just figured out the key to perpetual youth. He was relaxing on my sofa, changing the TV.

Adam lounging in the living room | Source: Pexels
Adam relaxing in the family area | Photo courtesy of Pexels

“Who is this guy?” Without taking my eyes off my laptop, I asked.

Stewart. functions with me. True gentleman. Good job, lovely vehicle, everything works.

I rolled my eyes. “One more of your amazing setups?”

“No, really! He is unique. You will enjoy him. He has also been inquiring about you.

I exhaled. Although Adam had a terrible history of setting me up, I was intrigued by the way he talked about Stewart. Alright. I won’t be listening to you again, though, if he proves to be another dud.”

Jess deciding to give Stewart a chance despite her doubts | Source: Pexels

Jess choosing to put her reservations aside and give Stewart a chance | Extracted from Pexels

Adam grinned. “Agree. Later on, you’ll thank me.

Despite my worries, I methodically spent the next two hours getting ready in order to create a good impression. My apartment appeared to be a battle zone of clothing and makeup by the time I was finished. Even though I was nervous, Adam’s support helped me stay focused.

Stewart brought me up in an immaculate automobile that appeared to have recently left the dealership. I could not help but notice the faint hum of the engine and the clean, leathery fragrance as I climbed into the passenger seat.

Outside Jess’s apartment is Stewart’s gleaming automobile | Source: Pexels
“Hey, Jess, right?” he asked, his smile seeming sincere.

Yes, it is who I am. Stewart, nice to meet you.

Similarly. By the way, you look fantastic.

I reddened and relaxed a little. “Many thanks. Where are we going, then?

I had planned to take you to this new location downtown. Elegant, but the cuisine is amazing.

“It sounds good,” I said, attempting to conceal my astonishment. I wasn’t accustomed to these expensive outings.

Stewart's shiny sedan parked outside Jess's apartment | Source: Pexels

Stewart and Jess in the fancy eatery | Source: Pexels

The restaurant exuded elegance and had a nice, understated design that made it seem like something from a movie. Even with my carefully picked clothing, I felt underdressed. But Stewart led me to our table and struck up a conversation with the host with such ease that I felt totally at home.

I exclaimed, “This place is amazing,” as I took in my surroundings.

“Only the best,” he winked in response. “Place any order you choose.”

My eyes grew wide at the menu. Despite the exorbitant cost of everything, Stewart dismissed my concerns. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle it.”

Jess and Stewart at the upscale restaurant | Source: Pexels

The tastefully decorated restaurant | Source: Pexels

With gratitude and flatterment, I grinned. Our discourse was easy to follow. Stewart was witty, wise, and endearing. I started laughing more than I had for some weeks.

Everything about the night was great until the bill came. Still in the middle of a joke, Stewart confidently flourished and gave over his card. The waitress reappeared with a nervous expression.

“Sir, I apologize, but your card was not accepted.”

Stewart’s expression fell. That isn’t possible. Give it another go.

The elegant restaurant interior | Source: Pexels

Stewart pays for the lunch using his credit card | Source: Midjourney

Yes, she did. More than thrice, with the same outcome. Stewart’s charisma vanished and was replaced with a frown. “This is absurd. “Are you even familiar with operating the machine?” he yelled.

Other diners started to look in our direction. Embarrassment burned in my face. “Stewart, there might be an issue with the card. Is there another one you have? In an attempt to diffuse the tension, I proposed.

Gesturing at the waitress, he looked at me. “I promise that this never occurs. Something had to have gone wrong somewhere.

Stewart presents his credit card to pay for the meal | Source: Midjourney

The server examining Stewart’s card that was turned down | Source: Pexels

With an embarrassed expression on his face, Stewart questioned, “Do you have any cash on you?”

It surprised me. “I told you that I couldn’t afford this location. This type of money is not mine!

Stewart’s ire flared in his eyes. Do you believe I had this planned? Just pay the bill, please, Jess.

I stood firmly, crossing my arms. Not at all. I lack the necessary funds. You came up with this concept. And mine, too, I should say. He said, “You lived the high life and had a good job.”

There was a lot of tension at the table. The manager was now by the waitress’s side, and I could see her shifting uneasily.

Stewart’s expression curled with annoyance. “Incredible.”

The waitress inspecting Stewart's declined card | Source: Pexels

Angrily getting up, Jess declines to pay the bill | Source: Midjourney

I was embarrassed and furious. “I need a moment to gather myself,” I murmured, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

I went inside and leaned against the sink, breathing deeply. In my handbag, my phone beeped. Adam texted me, asking, “How’s it going?”

I debated whether to respond while I looked at the screen. How would I describe this catastrophe? I sprayed my face with water to calm myself down. I had to confront the music by going back outside.

Jess reads the text message from her brother in the restroom | Source: Pexels

In the bathroom, Jess reads her brother’s SMS message | Source: Pexels

Returning to the dining room, I saw Stewart and the waitress still at odds. Now that the manager was involved, the tension was evident. With my heart racing, I made my way back to the table.

“Is everything okay now?” My voice more steady than my emotions, I asked.

Stewart turned to face me, barely controlling his rage. “They claim that my card is invalid. Is this really true?

I forcefully gulped. “Perhaps we ought to just go.”

How come? He whispered, “Just run out without paying the bill?” “That is not something we can accomplish. Have a look at their security guard; he will definitely capture us. Furthermore, it appears that this is the kind of establishment that will file accusations to humiliate us.

I gave a headshake. “So we’re stuck,”

Stewart and Jess discussing their options as the situation worsens | Source: Midjourney

As things get worse, Stewart and Jess talk about their alternatives | Source: Midjourney

The supervisor intervened. “Sir, this needs to be resolved. Do you have an other payment method?

Stewart gave me a desperate look as he glanced at me. I firmly shook my head.

With all of his confidence gone, he said, “I guess we’ll have to figure something out.”

I couldn’t get rid of the uneasy feeling that the evening wasn’t nearly done. As expected, Stewart went over and provoked a furious altercation with the restaurant security guard. With every word, Stewart’s voice rose and his face flushed.

The restaurant's security guard getting involved | Source: Pexels

The security guy at the restaurant getting involved | Source: Pexels

“I warned you my card has an error on it! If necessary, give my bank a call.

“Sir, we’ll have to involve the authorities if you can’t pay,” the sly security guard menacingly said.

My heart fell. “Stewart, what are your plans?”

With despair in his eyes, he turned to face me. I didn’t anticipate this, Jess. Could you please assist? only once, please?

“I am unable to.” I responded, feeling confined and ashamed, “I already told you I don’t have that kind of money.”

Just like clockwork, my phone beeped. “How’s the date going there, Sister? ;)” is Adam’s message.

Stewart arguing with the security guard while the manager looks on | Source: Midjourney

As the manager watches, Stewart gets into a fight with the security guard | Source: Midjourney

I became quite angry. I read the message to Stewart. “Did Adam know that this was all too expensive for you?”

Stewart appeared truly perplexed. “Well, I’m not sure. He only positioned us. However —

“So, what’s wrong with the car? How are you going to pay for it? To drive a car like that, you need to have solid credit.”

He appeared defeated as he sighed. “I hired the car from Adam.” claimed it would astound you. In addition, he promised to deposit money into my bank account to cover the cost of the date, but it appears that he never did.

Jess showing Stewart the text from Adam | Source: Pexels

Stewart is shown the text from Adam by Jess | Source: Pexels

I faced the security officer. “Sir, could we kindly move outside so we don’t bother the other diners any more? I’ll give someone a call to arrange for payment to be made.

The night air outside the restaurant was sharp and cold. The security officer trailed behind us, keeping a distance of a few feet to make sure we didn’t flee. With barely control over my anger, I called Adam.

“Jess! How is today’s date going?

“What the devil did you do, Adam? Stewart’s bill is unpaid! It’s enormous. He was good for it, as you mentioned. How could you subject me to this?

He laughed. “Calm down, Jess. Just a little spice to your life. If necessary, use your card.

Jess looking askance at Stewart while the security guard watches them | Source: Midjourney

Jess glaring at Stewart as the security officer keeps an eye on them | Source: Midjourney

Are you joking with me? Come on down and clean this mess up. Right now.

“All right, all right. Avoid popping a gasket. He continued to laugh and responded, “I’m on my way.”

I hung up, furious. “He is approaching. Let’s hold off.

Stewart leaned dejectedly against the wall. “I truly apologize, Jess. I had no idea he would do something like this.

I shrugged, frustrated and drained. “You’re not to blame. My sibling is a moron.

Jess and Stewart having a frank discussion outside the restaurant | Source: Midjourney

Stewart and Jess having an open conversation outside the eatery | Source: Midjourney

Adam appeared, and I wanted to scream at his smug smile. “Hey everyone. Is there a bill problem?

I gave him a fierce look. Adam, this isn’t funny. You overreached yourselves. You laid this trap for us, but why? For your own entertainment? It is completely intolerable.

His hand was waved off dismissively. “All right, all right. I will cover the cost. Unwind.”

Adam strolled in and came out a few moments later with a receipt. That’s where. Everything is set. Now that you’re happy,

“You believe this to be a joke? You made me feel ashamed,” I yelled.

Adam gave a shrug. “Jess, brighten up. It was all in good fun. I wanted to add a little adventure and spice to your life.

Stewart glanced first at Adam and then at me. “I really apologize. I was ignorant of this.

“Don’t worry, Stewart. I shot a glare at my brother and replied, “This isn’t on you.”

Adam arriving with a laugh, ready to 'rescue' the situation | Source: Midjourney

Adam laughs as he arrives and is prepared to “rescue” the situation | Source: Midjourney

As we stood outside the eatery, the night had grown chilly and thick. The security man kept a careful eye on us. Stewart moved uncomfortably. “Jess, I really hope you can pardon me. To make it up to you, please allow me.

I slowly nodded. Perhaps. All I need is some time to reflect.

Adam smiled, still playingfully punching me on the arm. Jess, hurry up. It wasn’t too horrible.

I gave a headshake. Adam, you just don’t get it. You’ve gone too far.

Jess and Stewart sharing a moment of understanding | Source: Midjourney

Stewart and Jess having a realization together | Source: Midjourney

I turned to Stewart as Adam whistling went out of sight. “I apologize for tonight.” I had not anticipated any of this.

Silently, he said, “It’s okay.” “I understand.”

We acknowledged our mutual disappointment in silence and had a moment of understanding. I felt deceived by my brother as we said our goodbyes. Stewart watched me depart, still apologizing.

“Jess, good night,” he called after me.

“Goodnight, Stewart,” I said, regretting what I had done.

I came to the realization that I needed to reevaluate my faith in my brother and others around me as I made my way home. It was time to establish some boundaries because Adam’s antics had become excessive.

Jess walking home, deep in thought about setting new boundaries with her brother | Source: Midjourney

Walking home, Jess was lost in thought as she considered establishing new limits with her brother. Source: Midjourney

How would you have responded in that situation?

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