Hilarious Prom Photos That Nobody Will Ever Forget -


Hilarious Prom Photos That Nobody Will Ever Forget

Prom night: the excitement is palpable, the music is loud, the hormones are… definitely making everyone awkward. As much as we love to imagine that prom night is some magical and romantic night that you’ll never forget, the reality often clashes with the dream.

After putting out a request for the most embarrassing and hilarious prom photos out there we were rewarded with prom photos that will make you switch between hysterical laughter and a pound of cringe. We know that these photos will transport you back to your high school “golden days,” all while giving you the biggest laugh of your day. PHOTOS BELOW

A Little Too Much ‘Young Love’

Try Explaining This One To Your Parents

​He Cannot Keep His Eyes Away

​Photobombed In The Creepiest Way

​A Strange Carpet Ride

​The Staring Game Is Strong

​An Unfortunate Event

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