Can You Spot The Problem With This Picture? -


Can You Spot The Problem With This Picture?

It’s right in front of you.

We are often told that the toughest secrets to uncover are the ones hiding in plain sight. You’d never suspect a thing, and yet it will be right there, staring back at you and just waiting to be found.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture, or is it just three ladies sitting and smiling into a camera?

Still haven’t seen it? Let’s give you a clue. Two of the ladies are “seated” with their legs crossed.

We all need a good puzzle now and then. Aside from exercising the brain and sharpening our visual reflexes, you get to have a lot of fun —  albeit with a bit of frustration. Also, we can learn wonderful life lessons just by deciphering a few pictures regularly. This might sound like a bit of a stretch, but picture puzzles truly help with logical thinking.

For instance, the problem with the photo above is right there in front of you and should be the first thing you’ll see, but the human mind is wired to start the search from a critical perspective rather than a simple one. Instead of staring at the photo with an open mind, most people would likely limit their mental resources to hidden corners and secret elements.

Sometimes, it helps to start small and take in the big picture all at once. You’d find what you’re searching for in a heartbeat. If you can learn this from solving a few puzzles, it could turn out to be a great life lesson someday. You may be stumped with a situation that doesn’t seem to have a forthcoming solution, but reconditioning your mind to search from a simpler perspective might just be the trick you need.

Have you seen it yet?

Okay, we are going to tell you. What are the ladies sitting on? That’s right — AIR. The ladies are hanging in the air.

If you didn’t notice it at first, it’s probably because you never expected that something so unlikely could be the problem with the picture. Your eyes may have actually caught the anomaly, but your brain didn’t process it as a likely cause of the problem, so it selectively ignored it and went searching for something more… probable.

Now you see why puzzles can turn out to be great life lessons?

This photo is obviously the work of a talented Photoshop artist, and we certainly love to see it!

Now that you know to look for the most obvious and unlikely issues, try solving the following puzzles to enhance your detective skills. You can confirm your suspicions from the cheat section below.

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