Gym Moments Caught On Candid Camera That Are Laugh Out Loud Funny -


Gym Moments Caught On Candid Camera That Are Laugh Out Loud Funny

What’s Up cat? And Other Very Strange Gym Fashion Statements

Going to the gym is supposed to be a time where you work out, take some time to reflect on whatever is on your mind, and listen to some good music. For some people, it is also time to make a fashion statement and attempt to be a trendsetter. Either this guy lost a bet and that is why he is wearing this cat leotard, or he just really loves his kitty. SEE THE PHOTOS BELOW…

You Can Never Miss An Arm Day Even If You Have A Date

For some people fitness is life, and there is nothing that is going to get in the way of that, even a date with Prince Charming. This woman knew that she needed to get her lifting in if she was going to feel like she had completed all of her tasks for the day. Women tend to be the queens of multi-tasking and this lady shows that is definitely true.

Instead of showering after her workout for her date, she just wore her date outfit to the gym. A bit of dry shampoo and a spritz of perfume and she was as fresh as a daisy.

Do Not Get Distracted When You Are Someone’s Spotter

The gym is full of super ripped people, that is a fact. We all know what it is like to wander around and see people in peak physical condition and have a moment of ‘Wow’ as we gaze at their bodies. It is totally fine to admire their physiques from afar, but it is not okay to get so distracted while doing this that you completely forget what you are doing.

This guy was supposed to be spotting his friend during a weight lifting session but instead could not help by gawk at the lady behind him. Judging by the friend’s face, he needed a bit more support than he was getting.

The Mystery Of The Shoe And The Woman Caught Holding It

Some people do weird things, and a lot of the time there is an explanation as to why they do what they do. Then, there are the cases that have people scratching their heads, like this one. After snapping a quick selfie to show her gym progress, the woman noticed she had been ruined by someone in the background. This woman appeared to be doing something strange with her shoes.

Was she washing them or throwing them in the garbage? We really aren’t sure, and judging by the woman’s face she isn’t sure what she is doing either.

Find Inspiration At The Gym From The People Around You

One of the hardest things about going to the gym is establishing a routine. It takes about 21 days for a routine to be established, and this can be a routine that starts from the moment you wake up. For the gym, it should encompass what you put in your body, a workout schedule, a sleep schedule, and everything in between that contributes to wellness. This woman clearly follows a routine, and she can be used as a role model.

We all need a bit of inspiration and choosing someone in real life at your own gym, like this woman, is a good way to stay inspired to reach your goals.

Weightlifting With A Side Of Poetry For The More Soulful Gym-Goers

Have you ever started a book and have not been able to put it down? For a lot of people, there comes a time when you pick up a book and your normal routine ceases to exist. All that matters is the world and characters contained on those pages, but you still do need to go about your everyday life. After devouring chapters of this novel, this guy knew it was gym time.

Instead of taking a water break between reps though, he took a chapter break and got absorbed by his book once more.

There Is Always That One Person Trying To Show Off

We get it, being able to lift a lot of weight is impressive and something that people want to show off. However, there is lifting a lot of weight safely, and then lifting a lot of weight in an absolutely ludicrous fashion. After spending years building up his strength, this guy decided it was time to get the ultimate social media snap showing off his weightlifting prowess for all of his followers.

Everybody who saw what he was doing could not help but do a doubletake. We are all waiting for some of those weights to come tumbling down.

A Little Bit Of Flooding Shouldn’t Stop You From Working Out

Usually, when there is a severe weather event that leads to flooding, people will be inclined to stay at home and make sure that all of their worldly belongings are protected. When this guy saw that flooding was in the forecast, he knew what his priority needed to be. For him, it was getting in a quick gym session before the whole place was underwater which is definitely a warped sense of priorities.

Hopefully, his house wasn’t too damaged while he was busy pumping some iron and getting ripped.

Batman Needs To Get His Cardio In To Hunt Down Villains

Administering vigilante justice is not as simple as donning a superhero costume and looking for bad guys. Some serious physical conditioning is necessary, and that is something Marvel and DC movies never show in great detail. Just take a look at Batman here, he needs to spend some serious time in the gym working on his cardio and weightlifting to get that impressive physique. A wimpy-looking Batman with no muscles who can’t run a mile will not be very effective at fighting bad guys.

We would assume that Batman would have his own private gym, but it’s nice to see this Batman getting back to his roots with normal people.

After Hitting The Gym For 99 Years This Woman Deserves A Martini

When you hit a certain age, say 99, the unhealthy things in life are no longer a major concern. That means it is okay to enjoy a martini basically whenever you want because you have managed to live to a ripe old age. Major kudos need to be given to this woman, who at 99 still goes to the gym and does a light workout, even if one of her exercises is lifting a martini.

We can all take a page out of her playbook, and go to the gym to stay in the best shape of our lives as we age.

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