High School Sweethearts Are Back In Love After 70 Years Apart -


High School Sweethearts Are Back In Love After 70 Years Apart

Many of us remember our high school sweetheart. They are the person that introduced us to a special relationship and we often look back on those times as some of the best in our lives.Bill Hassinger and Joanne Blakkan felt similarly back in the 1940s, when they were in high school together. They went to the same school in Michigan, although she was two years older than he was.

It wasn’t just the fact that Joanne was an older woman, she had her own car and she was even a majorette. Bill couldn’t help but fall in love and they were so close that they even got in trouble one time for kissing on the bus.

Like many people who have this type of relationship, they moved on. She graduated and went to college and he was in high school. They went on to each get married and have their own children, and although it was a nice memory, they never thought they would meet again.

In 2021, however, Joanne, who was now 92 years old was working with her daughter, Linda, to look up old classmates for the 73rd reunion. That is when Linda asked about her mother’s high school sweetheart.

It didn’t take much searching for them to find 90-year-old Bill who lived about 80 miles away. They also learned that his wife died the year before, and she understood because she lost her husband in 1989.

She thought it would be nice to catch up so she wrote him a letter. They met for lunch and it wasn’t long before those old feelings were rekindled. She admits that she wasn’t looking for love or a man and she was content, but he was always someone that had something special in her heart.

They spend every weekend together these days and you can often find them playing games, walking together or cuddling.

Bill said that walking is just the way that they get from one place to another but he does walk because he likes doing it and he likes being with her.

They are an adorable couple and like many people, they also wonder what their future would be. Regardless of where they find themselves, I’m sure that you will find them together.

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