Kevin Bacon And Keira Sedgwick Finally Show Their True Colors -


Kevin Bacon And Keira Sedgwick Finally Show Their True Colors

It’s difficult to find relationships that work out in Hollywood. In many cases, it seems as if they are over almost before they get started.

That isn’t the case, however, with Kevin Bacon and Keira Sedgwick. They have been married for over 35 years and he still gets a sparkle in his eye when he sees her.

They were on hand for the MaXXXine premier recently with their children, Travis Bacon and Susie Bacon. Kevin had a role in the horror flick, and the family was there to support him.

In his words: “That’s the way we roll. We’re a wholesome family that likes to come out for horror movies.”

Kevin Bacon has been a couple with Keira Sedgwick for decades at this point. It was on the set of Lemon Sky in the 1980s when they met, fell in love, and were on their way to getting married.

They still take the opportunity to be in the same film together whenever possible, and they have done so a number of times over the years. This includes one that she alluded to when she said: “We’re still dialing in on what the movie is going to be called. But yeah, we did. It was really fun. We got to act together. It was really a romantic comedy, and that’s pretty fun.”

It is always nice to see a family that gets along together. We wish them many more happy years.

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