Cat Finds a Place for Her 6 Kittens and Purrs Nonstop Knowing They Never Have to Be Outside Again -


Cat Finds a Place for Her 6 Kittens and Purrs Nonstop Knowing They Never Have to Be Outside Again

A cat found a place for her six kittens and purred nonstop, knowing they would never have to be outside again.

cat mom kitten

Eevee and her kitten@kittenkonnoisseur

A tabby cat was found as a stray along with her litter of six. She did her best to keep her kittens fed, and protect them from the elements.

A Good Samaritan stepped in to help and brought them to Wilco Regional Animal Shelter (in Williamson County, Texas). “The finder told staff that she was feral and to use caution,” Megyn at Kitten Konnoisseur, a foster volunteer of the shelter, shared with Love Meow.

To their surprise, the cat mother was friendly and warmed up to the staff, as if she knew her kittens were in good hands.

cat mom kittens

She was found outside along with her six kittens@kittenkonnoisseur

The shelter reached out to find a foster carer, so the mother, Eevee, could raise her kittens in the comfort of a loving home. Megyn immediately responded to the request, and set up a space for the family of seven.

“Her babies were about three weeks old at the time. We weren’t sure how she’d do in a house, but quickly came to find that she had clearly been a house cat,” Megyn told Love Meow.

nursing cat mom kittens

She is a doting cat mom to her six very demanding kittens@kittenkonnoisseur

“Eevee immediately felt comfortable in a home environment. She is an amazing mama who watches her kittens closely but also very open to humans handling the babies.”

No one has come to claim the mom, but Eevee and her precious six will never have to spend another day on the street.

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“She has special calls for her kittens. When it is feeding time, she will extend a paw and lightly grab her babies as they are walking by.”

Watch Eevee and her kittens in this cute video:

Eevee didn’t produce enough milk to feed all six hungry mouths, so Megyn was supplementing the little ones while making sure mama was fully replenished. The kittens began learning to eat on their own by watching their mom clean her plate.

As they got bigger, they became more active and started to waddle and explore.

kittens sleeping

Five sleepy kittens plus one@kittenkonnoisseur

After a few weeks in foster care, Eevee is now spending more time on her own, but the attentive mom always comes running whenever her kittens call for her.

The little tabbies keep their mama on her toes with their constant mischief and demands. “Although it’s clear Eevee needs some personal time, she is always willing to nurse her babies,” Megyn told Love Meow.

kitten nursing on cat


Along the way, Eevee has met the resident pets and taken to them very well, as if she’d always been part of the household.

“She is the most laidback and friendly mama cat I’ve met. She’s unfazed by anything, even loud, rowdy puppies,” Megyn shared with Love Meow.

tiny tabby kittens

All six kittens are Eevee’s little mini-mes@kittenkonnoisseur

The kittens are about six weeks old, blossoming into rambunctious balls of energy, while Eevee is exploring the house more and enjoying her time with her humans and furry friends.

tabby kittens bed


“It’s hard to find an adult cat who can handle the chaos of our house, but she can. She’s going to make someone an amazing companion.”

Eevee is so happy to never have to step outside again, and fills the room with her joyous rumbling purrs.

tabby cat kitten

Sweet mama Eevee@kittenkonnoisseur

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