Cat Shows Up at a House Looking for Food, They Realize She's Deaf with a Heart of Gold -


Cat Shows Up at a House Looking for Food, They Realize She’s Deaf with a Heart of Gold

A cat showed up at a house looking for food. They realized she was deaf, with a heart of gold.

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A beautiful cat wandered to a family’s home, scrounging around for food. When they noticed she was friendly and eager for attention, they reached out to the community to see if anyone was missing a cat.

The cat had come to the perfect place to seek help. “When it was discovered she wasn’t microchipped and there was no response to the posts looking for her owner, it became clear she needed help,” Best Friends Felines (a cat rescue) shared with Love Meow.

Her finder, a previous adopter of Best Friends Felines, contacted the rescue group to give the cat, Snowy, a chance at a better life.

stray cat snowy

She was found as a stray, searching for food and affectionBestFriendsFelines

“Thank goodness she was rescued because we’ve since come to realize this beautiful girl is deaf, leaving her at greater risk from harm while roaming the streets alone.”

Snowy wasted no time settling into her new foster home. She began following people around the house and was especially smitten with her foster dad.

stray cat safe

Her finder took her in and found her helpBestFriendsFelines

She would brush against their legs and stand on her hind paws, demanding attention and love.

“She is extremely affectionate, confident, chatty, loves food, and is in quite good health considering she had been left to fend for herself.”

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Snowy settled right into her foster home and started demanding attentionBestFriendsFelines

At around 18 months old, Snowy was still a kitten at heart, moving with the grace of a panther and wrapping her tail around her people like a hug.

With quality food and proper care, her coat grew fuller, more luscious, and gleaming.

fluffy snowy white cat

With good food and care, her fluffy coat filled out even moreBestFriendsFelines

“Snowy is either completely deaf or has a high level of hearing impairment. She is sometimes startled by people and other animals when they approach her. Ensuring she can see you before petting her or picking her up will help.”

Her deafness doesn’t stop her from living a full life; she just needs some visual cues and a ton of affection.

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“Snowy is an absolute beauty both inside and out. Her striking eyes fade from blue to a gorgeous amber ring, and that gaze is one of many ways she’ll have you wrapped around her paws in no time.”

“She loves to watch the world go by through the window and will snooze in any patches of sun she can find.”

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She is never far from the actionBestFriendsFelines

“Her favorite thing in the world is food. She’ll always let you know when her bowl is empty and won’t ever let you forget dinner time.”

She can be an opportunist when it comes to unattended food, instantly turning into the ultimate “kitty vacuum” whenever she spots crumbs on the floor.

curious cat snowy

Her favorite thing in the world is foodBestFriendsFelines

“Snowy loves to play with her toys, and her zoomies up and down her cat tower are very entertaining to watch. She is never far from the action.”

Having survived alone on the streets, Snowy has blossomed into a true social butterfly and enjoys the company of people above all else.

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After about two months in foster care, she found her happily ever after, a place she could finally call her own.

Snowy quickly made herself comfortable and began trailing behind her humans everywhere like their little shadow, showering them with snuggles.

sweet white cat

Snowy has found her forever homeBestFriendsFelines

She’s now the center of attention she always desired, doesn’t need to share her humans or food, and has everything she could ever wish for in a home.

happy fluffy cat


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