Shelter Cat Doesn't Know How to Open Up, Hiding Away, Until She Joins Staff in Office and Totally Blossoms -


Shelter Cat Doesn’t Know How to Open Up, Hiding Away, Until She Joins Staff in Office and Totally Blossoms

A shelter cat didn’t know how to open up, hiding away, until she joined the staff in the office and totally blossomed.

fluffy brown tabby office

CocoLollypop Farm

Coco, the cat, was brought to Lollypop Farm last month, hoping for a chance at a better life. “Her previous caretaker had a change in their living situation and could no longer care for her,” Lollypop Farm shared with Love Meow.

Coco was very nervous and shy upon arrival, avoiding eye contact and hiding from everyone. “She kept her head down low in the safety of the blankets in her carrier.”

She stayed out of sight all day, rarely making a sound, with only her face peeking out from the cubbyhole.

shelter cat hiding

She kept her head down when she first arrivedLollypop Farm

Despite being wary and overwhelmed by the shelter environment, Coco remained sweet and gentle and didn’t have a mean bone in her body. “She would spend her days like that but would allow our staff and volunteers to give her loving pets.”

They hoped that, with time, Coco would warm up to people, but she continued to keep to herself.

shelter cat shy

She was shy, nervous, and overwhelmedLollypop Farm

“She didn’t seem to be opening up and even began showing signs of depression like not eating her food.”

Noticing her gradual decline, staff decided to take action to lift her spirits. “In an effort to make her more comfortable, she was moved to one of the Lollypop Farm’s administrative offices where she would have a quieter space with fewer people and other cats around.”

shelter cat hiding

Lollypop Farm

Coco was a bit apprehensive at first, but slowly, she mustered the courage to come out of her carrier. She curiously inspected the office, sniffing around every desk and computer, and discovered where the staff sat.

“She even began seeking out attention from the humans who shared the office space with her.”

cat exploring office

Staff moved her to an office so she could have a quieter and more comfortable spaceLollypop Farm

Seeing the staff sitting in their chairs, Coco decided to venture into a lap for some extra snuggles. She nestled onto a staff member, revealing her fluffy belly and basking in the pampering.

“After realizing the humans only wanted to give her love and attention, she became a lap cat.”

lap cat snuggles

She quickly became a lap catLollypop Farm

“We always knew that Coco had a sweet personality, but we weren’t aware of how affectionate and loving she was until she came out of her shell in the comfort of the office she was moved to.”

With newfound confidence, Coco began “helping” around the office by keeping the paperwork warm with her fluffy belly, supervising the staff, and filling the space with her soothing purrs.

office cat helper

She started “helping” around the officeLollypop Farm

As she claimed every inch of the office, her playful personality emerged. In perfect Coco fashion, she jumped into a tub of toys and thoroughly inspected them with the highest level of quality control.

She blossomed into her true self and became a social butterfly. No longer hiding away, she eagerly awaited the staff’s affection.

cat inspects toys

She thoroughly inspected all the new dog toysLollypop Farm

Two days ago, the communications team shared a post about Coco turning a corner, featuring a video of her exploring the office and approaching the camera person for attention.

happy snuggly cat

Coco came out of her shell and blossomedLollypop Farm

“One of our very own volunteers saw the video and came in that same day to meet her. He had just lost his beloved cat and felt as if he and Coco could help each other begin to feel better.”

fluffy cat waits in office

Lollypop Farm

That day, Coco left the shelter, embarked on a new journey with the volunteer, and never looked back.

She is enjoying her new life in her loving home filled with cuddles and plenty of space to climb and survey her domain.

fluffy cat office happy

Lollypop Farm

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