Cat Roams Around Town and Finally Steps into a House, He Turns Out to Be the Gentlest Soul -


Cat Roams Around Town and Finally Steps into a House, He Turns Out to Be the Gentlest Soul

A stray cat roamed around town and finally stepped into a home. He turned out to be the gentlest soul.

happy snuggly cat

Bobble HatTheStrayCatClub

Five months ago, a black and white cat from a colony of abandoned cats received a new lease on life when a volunteer from The Stray Cat Club brought him to safety.

He had been living outdoors in the cold, enduring the elements and skirmishes with other animals. He came down with a cat cold and carried battle scars.

He was lost and confused when rescued, looking around in the humane trap with worried eyes.

stray cat outdoors

He was found in a small colony of abandoned catsTheStrayCatClub

After a trip to the vet’s office, a loving foster family opened their home and their hearts to the deserving cat named Bobble Hat.

“He settled in very well with us, every day becoming braver and feeling safer in his environment,” The Stray Cat Club shared.

cat rescued stray

Bobble was rescued by a volunteer from The Stray Cat ClubTheStrayCatClub

“This sweet soul was rescued along with several other strays who were living outdoors, fending for themselves and raiding bins to survive. Many things about being a pet were new to Bobble, but he quickly got used to the luxurious life of an indoor cat.”

Bobble turned out to be a sweet, gentle boy with a heart of gold.

cat cold foster home

He began his recovery in a foster homeTheStrayCatClub

After two months of socializing with his foster carer, he mastered the art of the litter box and warmed up to the company of his humans. He started playing with toys, snoozing next to a radiator, and craving endless pets.

“Like most stray cats from similar circumstances, Bobble has chronic cat flu and is FIV+. This means he may need occasional medication, like eye drops, especially during stressful times.”

sweet cat playful happy

He turned out to be a sweet, gentle soulTheStrayCatClub

He ventured from room to room to check out every nook and cranny. He gleefully plopped down on a rug, trying to catch a wand toy.

He was gifted a little cat house made from a cardboard box and a cat bed, which he turned into a snug napping spot.

cat paws holding

Bobble likes to hold hands with his peopleTheStrayCatClub

Bobble found comfort and contentment within the walls of the house. Life indoors is a world of difference for the former stray.

He has become very trusting and affectionate toward people and even wraps his paws around their fingers as if they’re holding hands.

sweet cat snuggles

He melts into a puddle when pettedTheStrayCatClub

He shadows his humans around the house, always keeping them company and supervising their every action. He makes an excellent companion with soothing purrs and a comforting presence.

Bobble, now a pampered indoor cat, takes solace from a warm lap, never missing those days on the streets.

sweet lap cat

He enjoys snuggling on his human’s lapTheStrayCatClub

With a graceful leap, he landed beside his foster mom, placed his paws on her leg, and gazed up at her. He melted with each gentle stroke, basking in the love.

Bobble relishes every moment indoors, rolling around and claiming every inch he touches. After months in foster care, he is more than ready to find a place of his own.

happy sweet cat

He makes an excellent companionTheStrayCatClub

“Bobble is our most overlooked cat, but we believe the perfect home is out there for him.”

The once-abandoned cat has truly blossomed, glowing with happiness. His face is a picture of pure delight as he continues to weave his way into everyone’s heart.

sweet cat bobble


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