Two Kittens from Outside Begin a Joyful New Journey to Cozy Laps, Never Missing a Beat -


Two Kittens from Outside Begin a Joyful New Journey to Cozy Laps, Never Missing a Beat

Two kittens from outside started a joyful new journey to cozy laps, never missing a beat.

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Early this month, the Toronto Humane Society received two fluffy kittens who had been found outside.

They were in good shape and most likely had been nursing. “The person who took them thought they were left behind,” Tania, a foster volunteer for the shelter, told Love Meow.

The feline brothers, Chunk and Khonk, were immediately tended to in foster care and promptly treated for their stomach troubles.

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Chunk and Khonk were found outside and brought to the Toronto Humane SocietyTania

When healthy, unweaned kittens are found alone outside, their mother cat might be in the process of moving them. It’s best to wait and monitor until “you are positive the mom cat is not coming back” before intervening with the kittens.

“It turns out that these babies have roundworms, and a course of medication has been started that includes a warm bath to make sure any larvae are gotten rid of.”

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“Chunk and Khonk are very obliging and patient during this routine. They are truly gentle little sweethearts.”

The two brothers quickly settled into their new space. Khonk, the bigger and braver of the duo, eagerly sought attention. “He will greet me like a little dog by rolling over and showing me his belly and then climbing into my arms for love.”

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His brother Chunk was much smaller (at the time) but not overshadowed by Khonk’s size and fluff. He had a meow so sweet that it could melt even the coldest heart.

The two are the embodiment of the phrase “live fast, nap hard.”

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Chunk was scrappy and loved to “tackle his much bigger brother and make him cry out.” He joined Khonk on Tania’s lap, never missing out on the activity.

“He is sweet and has soft silvery grey fur with the cutest purply nose.”

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When they aren’t wrestling, they are napping or snuggling on their foster mom’s lapTania

Khonk enjoyed his food so much that he licked his lips after each feed, savoring any remnants. He then rolled over in his foster mom’s arms or hands, exposing his fluffy belly before dozing off amidst a petting session.

Though small in stature, Chunk devoured his food with equal fervor, determined to catch up in size.

fluffy kitten brothers

Khonk was the bigger and braver of the twoTania

When they aren’t tumbling or wrestling with each other, they are tuckered out next to their trusty cow stuffy, twitching their tiny paws as they wander off in their dreams.

They recharge through naps and snacks before bursting forth with renewed energy for another round of play.

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They fell asleep next to their trusty cow plushieTania

They tackle new toys with boundless enthusiasm, only to surrender to slumber moments later. Khonk often finds himself conking out mid-play.

“As chonky as Khonk is, he flattens out like a pancake when he lies down on his tummy.”

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Khonk is very playful but often dozes off mid-playTania

In just a couple of weeks, Chunk has surpassed his brother in weight, claiming the title of king of the castle.

“Their personalities are sweet and polite. They know they shouldn’t use their claws with me or bite. They, at times, like to be spoon-fed from a tiny silver spoon. This method always works with kittens when they haven’t touched their food.”

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Khonk enjoys lounging on a warm lapTania

The feline brothers have entered the boisterous kitten phase, zooming around in a frenzy until their playful antics turn into a cozy nap pile.

Chunk and Khonk are living their best lives, surrounded by affection and cozy laps. Their bellies are full, and their future is bright.

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Chunk has surpassed Khonk in weightTania

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