Kittens Found at Five Days Old, Now Follow Puppy and Resident Cat Around and Shower Them with Purrs -


Kittens Found at Five Days Old, Now Follow Puppy and Resident Cat Around and Shower Them with Purrs

Three kittens were found at five days old, Now, they follow a puppy and a resident cat around, showering them with purrs.

cat kittens bed


Jenny, a foster volunteer of the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, received a rescue request about a litter of kittens needing a bottle feeder. They had been found outside and brought to a local animal shelter.

At around five days old, their eyes were still closed, and their ears remained folded. Too young to regulate their body temperatures, Jenny placed them in an incubator, creating a warm and cozy environment for them.

Kittens their age are vulnerable without a mother cat. Jenny stepped in and provided round-the-clock care, feeding and tending to their every need.

newborn kittens sleeping


Despite her best efforts to save them all, one sadly lost his fight. “The other three continued to do well. When you lose one in the litter, it’s hard to ever feel really confident they’ll all make it,” Jenny shared with Love Meow.

“When they reached the 3-week milestone where they are no longer technically neonates, I breathed a little easier.”

kittens curious incubator


Jenny wanted to give the remaining three kittens inspiring names to match their strong will – Petra (tortie), Taj, and Picchu, all named after the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Baby Petra was the most confident of the squad. While her siblings screamed and scrambled at mealtime, the tortie stayed cozily in bed, cool as a cucumber, until Jenny got her moving and ready for the bottle.

cute kittens curious


As their size and curiosity outgrew the incubator, they were upgraded to a playpen where they could stretch their legs and explore.

They were excited about the new digs, shuffling around, playing with toys, and exercising their claws on a scratching post.

kittens playpen snuggling


“When they hit six weeks, and I weaned them onto food, I felt much more assured they were going to be ok,” Jenny told Love Meow.

“They have grown into such great kitties. Petra is the leader. She’s been the first to do everything. Eat, explore, and play with the big cats and dogs.”

tortie kitten boss


“Taj is the playful adventurer. He likes to venture everywhere, climb, and explore. He’s also very sweet and the first to find your lap.”

“Picchu is my sweet, calmer one. He loves a good nap in the sun and isn’t quite as outgoing as the other two. I call him the old soul in a kitten body.”

playful kittens snuggling

Taj, Petra, and PicchuJenny

While Petra and Taj romp around the room, checking out every nook and cranny, Picchu burrows next to his foster mom, basking in the affection.

The kittens adore the gray and white resident cat and follow his lead around the house. “They all love to play and wrestle with each other. They get along great with my dogs and cats.”

cuddle kittens sleeping

Petra and PicchuJenny

Duck Duck Goose, a foster puppy, needed a friend after all her siblings had been adopted. She joined the three kittens recently and was delighted to have their company.

The trio took her into their crew and made her an honorary littermate.

kittens snuggling with puppy

The trio befriended Duck Duck Goose the foster puppyJenny

“They let her play with them, and they all cuddle together. It’s pretty cute.”

While snoozing on their canine friend, the kittens’ purr engines are on full blast. Despite their petite size, they’ve got a purr that never quits.

puppy kittens friends

They play together and snuggle in a puddleJenny

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