HOT: “HE’S MISERABLE” Justin Bieber’s Mother Expresses Fear That Hailey Has Ruined Him -


HOT: “HE’S MISERABLE” Justin Bieber’s Mother Expresses Fear That Hailey Has Ruined Him

In a startling revelation, Justin Bieber’s mother, Pattie Mallette, has voiced her concerns about her son’s relationship with his wife, Hailey Baldwin. According to Mallette, she fears that Hailey may have had a detrimental impact on Justin, raising alarms about his well-being and the dynamics of their marriage.

A Mother’s Worries

Pattie Mallette has always been a significant influence in Justin Bieber’s life, supporting him through his rise to fame and his personal struggles. Her recent comments highlight her growing concern for her son. “I fear that Hailey has ruined him,” Mallette reportedly said. “He’s not the same person he used to be, and I worry about the path he’s on.” These statements suggest deep unease about Justin’s current state and his relationship with Hailey.

The Strain on Justin and Hailey’s Relationship

Since their marriage in 2018, Justin and Hailey Bieber have been under constant public scrutiny. While they have often presented a united front, insiders reveal that the couple has faced numerous challenges. Hailey’s attempts to support Justin through his mental health issues and past traumas have been well-documented, but Mallette’s concerns imply that these efforts may have unintended consequences.

Justin’s Personal Struggles

Justin Bieber has been open about his battles with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. His journey to recovery has been turbulent, with periods of apparent stability followed by setbacks. Mallette’s fears suggest that she believes Hailey’s influence might not always be beneficial, potentially exacerbating Justin’s issues instead of helping him heal.

Public and Media Reaction

The public reaction to Mallette’s comments has been mixed. Some fans support her protective stance, empathizing with her fears for her son’s well-being. Others argue that Hailey has been a positive force in Justin’s life, helping him navigate his struggles and grow as a person. Media coverage has intensified, with many speculating about the true state of the Bieber marriage and the pressures they face.

Hailey’s Response

Hailey Baldwin has not publicly responded to Mallette’s remarks, but sources close to the model suggest that she is hurt by the allegations. Those close to Hailey defend her, saying she has been a steadfast partner to Justin, committed to his health and happiness. The lack of public response might indicate a desire to handle the matter privately and avoid further media frenzy.

The Path Forward

For Justin Bieber, the path forward involves balancing his personal and professional life while addressing the concerns of those who care about him. Pattie Mallette’s comments, whether seen as protective or critical, underscore the complex dynamics at play. The challenge for Justin and Hailey will be to strengthen their relationship and continue to support each other amidst external pressures and internal struggles.


Pattie Mallette’s fears that Hailey Baldwin has negatively impacted Justin Bieber add another layer to the public narrative of the couple’s marriage. As Justin navigates his personal challenges, the support and concern of his mother and wife are crucial. This situation highlights the difficulties faced by high-profile couples and the importance of understanding and compassion in overcoming personal battles.

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